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Want higher levels of comfort while on the clock and more energy when your shift ends? Look no further. 

SelectFlex® protects and augments the suspension capacity of the foot arch from overuse injuries by providing the wearer 3 levels of customized arch support.

Unlike competing insoles that only provide support during the downstep, the SelectFlex PowerLift Arch Support System™ patented constant support arch remains in contact with the foot’s natural arch, providing support and energy during both downstep and uplift, reducing the energy needed to create each step and making every stride more comfortable.

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Dial in comfort with SelectFlex
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“I must tell you, in my 40 years in practice, this is probably the greatest innovation in orthotics I’ve ever seen!”
podiatrist testimonial from Dr. Bruce Holtzman


  • Customizable arch support.
  • 3 levels of adjustable arch pain relief.
  • Absorbs painful compressive forces.
  • Leaves feet feeling refreshed.
  • Alignment of the kinetic chain from foot to hip.
  • Reduces foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain.
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